Lease Agreement Confirmation Letter

Sometimes your tenants have to prove that they live at a particular address. In these situations, you are asked to provide an address verification letter. [1] X These Search Source are easy to write, but you need to clarify in advance what your client needs. You might need an owner reference letter that is different. Many banks will not accept a letter from an owner if a person tries to prove their home because it is easily falsified and may contain false information. To write a letter with proof of a tenant`s residence, ask the tenant to whom you address the letter and what specific details you would like to specify. Open the letter with a simple greeting like „Who he can worry about,” and indicate that you are writing to check that the tenants live on your property. Include the customer`s address, the duration of the rental agreement and all the additional information requested. Connect the letter by providing your full name and contact information, then send the letter directly to the applicant instead of giving it to your client.

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